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Around two-thirds of India’s population is in rural areas and a large proportion of this population lives in poverty. There is an urgent need to improve the economic conditions of these rural households. In the last decade, there has been a significant growth in investments in innovations targeting the rural populations, particularly the farmer community. At the same time, there has been a lot of emphasis on policies that can open up the sector for ideators to experiment with innovative solutions. But, a lot of these innovations and policies have been out of reach of the poorest of the poor, like the small and marginal farmers, who represent ~86% of the farmer population. At agri charcha, let’s kick start conversations around innovations that put these rural households at the center and extend the reach of technology to improve profitability of farms, increase livelihood opportunities for rural households and thus, improve lives of the average Indian rural household.

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A platform to come together for India's development. Development is a shared agenda, but there is a lack of active, sustained, shared spaces for dialogue. We need a much stronger foundational layer to support India’s development journey.‍ The/Nudge Forum exists to accelerate India’s development journey by bringing all stakeholders together for collective thought and action, towards large-scale social change. #thenudgeforum #togetherforindia